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L’Antenato (The Ancestor)

The Ancestor.

Italy, color, 6’24”. 2004

Written and directed by Claudio Capanna

DOP and editor: Andrea Maguolo

Sound Editor and Mix: Francesco Tumminello

Music: “Improvisation for electric guitar” by Ash Ra Tempel (Manuel Gotsching).

Festivals: Brooklyn International Film Festival 2005, Sulmona Film Festival 2005.

In february 2004, to get through my last university examination, I decided to show a new experimental short film. For a long time I had been thinking about making a photo reportage set in the glassworks of Murano, near Venice. Therefore I seized that opportunity and realized a short documentary film in those places.

I moved to Venice with a single camera-operator; we’ve been working there for two days and in the end we got a poetic 5 mins short video with no narrative features at all. I totally let the sounds, colours and shapes connections guide me in order to best describe my personal idea of chaos and origin.

So the forefather seems to be the creator moulding and melting the primeval substance, but also the substance itself, caught in all its elementary strength.

Moreover, I want to underline the amazing role of the glass artists as the only reminders of ancient atmospheres and professions, who make Italy look great through history and future.