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Great Noise (Gran Rumore)

Italy, 2006, Color.
Duration 7’00”
Shooting format Dv Cam
Screening format Hd Cam


Director, screenwriter  Claudio Capanna.
Cinematography, operator  Alessandro Filippucci.
Editing and Post Production  Andrea Maguolo.
Sound  Alberto Padoan.
Sound editor  Francesco Tumminello.
Assistant Director  Donatella Sacco.
Production Designer  Paola Peraro.
Costume Design  Sabrina Berretta.
Executive Production  Claudio Capanna, Barbara Spina.

First Boy  Ignazio Hernandes
Second Boy  Tommaso Mattei
Third Boy  Carlo Telosio
Man  Roberto Tronchin

The shout of the others, in the depth, lives in a drop, falls in the empty. It exceeds the wall of blank silence.
It breaks on the ground, in small mournings which try to rise….

Palm Springs International short Film Festival 2006, Syracuse Int. Film Festival 2006, Woodstock Film Festival 2006, Fort Lauderdale Int. Film Festival 2006, Festival internacional cinema jove 2006.