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Claudio Capanna was born in Rome in 1980. As a film graduate, he dedicated his final thesis to the German director Werner Herzog. He started working in the audiovisual sector in 1999 and has directed several documentaries and short movies which premiered at international festivals (Palm Springs International Film Festival, Syracuse International Film Festival, Sitges, Brooklyn International Film Festival).

In 2006, he moved to Paris to attend the Ateliers Varan film course. There, he started to work for Arte France and directed several documentaries about Italy.

In 2012 came Bateau Ivre, co-directed by Chafik Allal. The film won the Jury Prize at the Rome Tre Film Festival.

In 2016 he directs his first feature-length film Life to Come, produced by Stenola Productions and co-produced by several european broadcasts like RTBF, ARTE G.e.i.e. and Al Jazeera Documentary Channel.

He currently lives and works in Brussels.